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Virus Infections can lead to many serious issues in human body which in turn result out to be quite harmful sometimes. Herpes or the Herpes zosters are viruses which cause serious neural aches in your body even sometimes leads to epilepsy issue. For treating such sort of neuropathic pain we offer you Gabapentin 300mg/800mg in two different consistency based variants as per your requirement of certain drug. You can easily buy Gabapentin online from us with no prior prescription needed as well we deliver at your door you just let us know your requirements. 

Precautions to be followed while consuming the drug

Some people experience thoughts about suicide while consuming this drug, Children consuming Gabapentin 300mg/800mg may sometimes have behavior changes. Please stay alert to the changes related to your mood swings or its symptoms. If experience these symptoms worsening kindly discuss with or visit to your doctor. Kindly do not suddenly stop the intake of Gabapentin 300mg/800mg, even if you feel sound and healthy. If you had history of such issues kindly stay away from Gabapentin 300mg/800mg either consult your doctor-

  • Ever had kidney disease (or are on dialysis);
  • Facing diabetes;
  • Ever had depression, or  a mood disorder, either suicidal thoughts or the actions;
  • Ever faced a seizure before;
  • Ever had the liver disease;
  • Suffered from the heart disease; 
  • Either you are on any anti-depressant or the sedating medication
  • Sometimes people suffer from the thoughts to suicide while on this drug. Kindly refer your doctor in this case;

Dosage to be followed  

Buy gabapentin online and consume it exactly as directed by your physician. Kindly follow all steps and precautions on your prescription. Please do not consume this drug in an unusual amount amounts or for the longer duration as recommended. Gabapentin can be consumed or taken with or without the food, but should be consumed with water. If you had any tablet that has been broken should be consumed as soon as possible or within a time of few days. Please do not crush, or chew, or kindly break an extended-release tablet.  Just swallow it as whole. 


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