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Sexual issues in men are quite common as well as matter of shyness to them. Often men feel insecure as well inferior when detected such symptoms, some hide this and let that issue continues that can lead to be destroying their life as well the their relations completely. For such critical and major issues we suggest Levitra 20mg commonly known as Vardenafil to treat out the male sexual function problems like as (impotency or the erectile dysfunction-ED). In addition to the sexual stimulation, this drug Levitra 20mg or the Vardenafil works also in increasing the blood flow to the genitals to help a man get and keep their erection for longer duration. You can buy Levitra online from us without any hesitation as we offer safe and secure deliveries with full private support too.

Levitra 20mg doesn’t protect you against the STD’s i.e. the sexually transmitted diseases (like as HIV, the hepatitis B, gonorrhea, or the syphilis). Kindly involve in “safe sex” practices like as using the latex condoms often. And do visit your physician or pharmacist for more queries. 

How to dosage Levitra

Always thoroughly go through the Information leaflet which is to be provided by your pharmacist before you start consuming the drug and each time when you receive a refill. If you have any further queries, kindly consult your doctor or the pharmacist. Consume this medicine by mouth or as directed by your physician. Take Levitra 20mg, with or without the food, about 1 hour before the sexual activity. Kindly do not take overdose or consume more than once on daily basis. We let you buy Levitra online with no prior prescription from us. 

Precaution while consuming Levitra 20mg

Please avoid having grapefruit or drinking the grapefruit juice while consuming this medicine either asks your physician or the pharmacist. As grapefruit can increase the chances of side effects if consumed along with this drug. 

Levitra 20mg listed side effects

Kindly refer to your medical practitioner if you have experience any symptoms of any allergic reaction related to Levitra 20mg like as facing 

  • Ever had experienced chest pain or pressure over the chest, either pain spreading to your jaw or your shoulder, ever had nausea, ever felt excessive sweating;
  • Ever experienced vision changes or sudden vision loss; or
  • Either have the erection which is painful or that lasts longer than 4 hours of time (prolonged erection can damage the penis).
  • difficulty in breathing; 
  • Experiencing swelling of your face your lips, your tongue, and your throat.


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